Twitter plugin for Firefox quicksearch

06 Jul 2007

What's the one thing you wish you had more than anything else in the world? That's right, a Twitter plugin for Firefox's quicksearch. Because the only thing holding you back from total personal fulfillment is making it EASIER to Twitter away the day.

Add Twitter to your quicksearch

Got ideas for how this should be improved? I've carefully constructed a comment box out of html to help you share those ideas with the world (and me - who'll actually do the work).

  • Chris [TK] said: I receive a JavaScript error: addTwitter is not defined
  • Jon said: same here
  • MR-Gee said: When I click "add twitter...", nothing happens.
  • Dcrad said: This doesnt work dude, the download I mean :o) - love the blog title by the way lol.
  • Breggol said: This one DOES install:
  • Mister Loskotto said: let's download this plugin, here 0.0.8 ;)

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