Things I don't understand

25 Mar 2008

First Seth tossed out the idea and then Robby picked it up. There are things we don’t understand but could if we tried.

The more we learn the more there is yet to know - and here’s a list of things (in Ruby/Rails) that still baffle me:

  • Mutexes
  • RubyInline
  • Memcache
  • RSpec
  • JSSpec
  • Scaling on EC2
  • How the Rubinius VM works
  • Merb
  • EventMachine
  • When to use inline C

How about you?

  • Laura said: 1. Why people like big dogs. 2. Why other people's house plants thrive and I can't keep them alive. 3. The pattern of logic my cat uses when deciding to not use her litter box 4. The dude who thought this was appropriate. 5. Anything you do on a computer.

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