Sinatra, Merb, and Camping

18 Oct 2007

I found Camping first. It was hard to figure out because Google kept offering me places to vacation.
Then I saw Merb. I was too busy shaving yaks to ever give it a real go.
Now there’s Sinatra. It’s probably worth learning because it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

I love that Ruby makes kickass websites in so many colors.

Thanks to DFisch for the heads up.

  • ari said: Screencasts a coming too!
  • Daniel Fischer said: No problem on the heads up! I think this is really interesting. I liked Camping and Merb, but this is just wow in my opinion (probably due to the simplicity). I'm looking forward to the screencast Ari!
  • Ted said: Intriguing.
  • Blake Mizerany said: I'm happy to see you're enjoying Sinatra. Keep 'em singing. Fun trick: Try the mate command in irb mode after a get_it or any x_it command.
  • Daniel Fischer said: Looks like it got enough attention that it's on now, woot! congrats to the community for spreading the word.
  • anon said: check out merb is like rails, but done right, threadsafe, and superior routing and other niceties.

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