Rails Community Forum

15 Jun 2006

I’ve never been much into forums but I’ve really started pouring my heart into learning Rails and there’s been a notable lack of community outside the upper echelons of development.

That’s why I was happy to discover a link from Ruby Inside that announced the launch of Rails Forum.com. I’ve only spent a little time there so far but it’s nice to be one of the first people to sign up and to be involved with it from the start.

RailsForum.com is a great place to go to ask questions that you can’t find the answers to elsewhere. Getting random 500 errors? They’ll help you out. Not sure what this whole RJS thing is about? Well, we’re all trying to figure that out together :-)

If you’re into Rails or think you might want to be - I’ll see you there!

  • Vinnie said: It's good to have you on RailsForum danger :)
  • cennaCandaCab said: Hi everyone, I'm new here. And it seems like an awesome forum. I just wanted to give a friendly "how's it going" to all of you here. :) -Susan
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