Krugle - code searching

10 Jun 2006

Google lets you see your search history and a day-by-day total of how many searches you do. I’m pretty much always over 40 searches/day thanks to looking for code and trying to solve various development problems.

Enter Krugle. I forget how I got signed up for their beta but I just got the invite and checked it out. At first I thought “search engine for developers. cool.” That quickly turned into “holy shit. this changes everything.” They’ve clearly caught on to the fact that developers have different search needs than the regular consumer.

First off, Krugle lets you choose what language you want to search. THIS IS HUGE. When I’m working with Ruby I don’t care that Java has an implementation of “” - it can’t possibly help. The default is to search with a broad scope, but narrowing down by language is a sure way to get to a solution faster.

Secondly, they’ve parsed all the code they’re searching through and have divided information up based on whether it appeared in a comment, in a class definition, a function call or some other part of the code.

But the thing that really knocked me senseless was their wise use of AJAX. Its not clunky and it allows the whole search process to run that much faster.

Add all that together with a beautiful design, a good community, and a dedication to help developers find answers - and you’ve got a winner.

You can see a demo of their operation on their website

Following is a screenshot of a search I did on Krugle:

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