Leopard AirPort driver (atheros) crashes with Azureus

31 Oct 2007

It seems folks all over the intertubes are having the same problem as me. I’m seeing packet response slowing until it’s virtually stalled and then comes a kernel panic.

As far as I can tell it’s caused by running Azureus. This may only be an issue for Santa Rosa MacBook Pros.

Hope this saves you some frustration until Apple issues a fix for whatever’s going on in the AirPort driver.

Anybody else have this happen yet?

  • Thomas said: Yes, I have the same problem. Have you found any solutions for that? I use vuze (also an azureus client) and somtimes me system crash completely.
  • Rick said: Nope it's definitely not isolated to Macbook Pros, my Macbook is doing the same thing. I know when to restart my computer before the kernel panic comes because I can still browse the internet on my PC. Stupid drivers. Or Azureus. Something.
  • Jack Danger said: So far my solution is to just use Transmission (http://transmission.m0k.org/). Hopefully Apple fixes this soon.
  • monkey said: Same here. Macbook. Using Transmission instead.
  • Stephen said: Hello! This is the first forum or you guys, what know what is the problem, thanks and lets hope the problem will be solved soon.
  • NPP said: Yeah, same here :( I Just use wired connection. I have all my plug-ins set up, not gonna swap to transmission, i will wait for a patch
  • gd said: im having the same problem on a intel macmini with leopard and azureus. getting airport (atheros) kernel panics alot. usually after my computer goes to sleep.....
  • Max said: Same problem here guys, using Azureus as well....
  • Richard said: same problem. Azureus makes my macbook pro crash 100% of the time. moved to transmission.
  • Bjorn said: Macbook, non-santa rosa. Azureus/Vuse. Airport.atheros kernel crash
  • MOMO said: sams same. moved to transmission.
  • M.Steven.A said: Santa Rosa Macbook here, same problems. Thanks for the Transmission tip.
  • gd said: does anyone know if 10.5.1 update fixes the azureus problem? or will we need an update for azureus as well? tia
  • airylli said: The 10.5.1 update does not fix the airport problem; nor is the problem limited to transmission (for me, at least).
  • mrlapo said: Too bad, I was hoping for 10.5.1 to fix this problem... :(
  • paco said: I regret installing leopard...well, at least I didn't pay for it :P I'm considering getting back to tiger and wait till apple fix all this bunch of problems, cuz for now, I feel like I'm handling with the apple version of windows vista :)
  • steezbomb said: i get the same problem. it's pissing me off. i wasn't sure it was azureus for a while. so i tried looking up problems at apple's website and i was seeing if there was something else with my computer. i even reinstalled leopard to see if it would fix the problem. so gay.
  • Duncan said: same problem. i'm so pissed. wtf is this vista or what?
  • Duncan said: oh and i'm on 10.5.1 and it is NOT fixed
  • BSOD on a Mac said: Apple were so smug with there BSOD icon for connecting to windows computers, now every other OS can use the Apple crash window, when connecting to a Mac. Yeah it's happening to me on my Mac Book Pro. Running Azureus, I send Apple my crash log every time, I wonder if they will get the picture that they have stuffed up. The OS is pretty, its slower than the old OS, and crashes constantly, i have a large list of complaints about this OS. Currently my old XP Dell Laptop is running better.
  • atis said: I am also going back to Tiger. My Leopard crashes Transmission, Azureus, BitRocket, but all other clients are banned in my tracker. Or I thought of running Windows on Paralles and using Bittorrent :)
  • Justin said: Same problem here with a new iMac and Leopard.
  • Pat said: Exact same thing here. Even did an erase and reinstall. Lost my address book, calendar and archived mail as a consequence. Also, my Belkin USB hub grinds my Macbook to a halt. Never happened with Tiger. Sooooooo many bugs. If you read this and haven't upgraded yet. DON'T. There aren't even that many great new things. Seriously.
  • cony said: same problem, macbook pro
  • LCO said: - Try disabling IPv6 in your Airport System Preferences - In Azureus preferences, expand Connection -> Advanced Networking Settings, and make sure "Prefer IPv6 addresses when both are avail" and "Enable experimental extension..." are UNTICKED. This has so far prevented any further kernel panics from the Airport driver for me... you may get some mileage out if it.
  • Jack Danger said: LCO - thank you! That's the first thing resembling a fix I've come across.
  • Marshall said: So far I seem to be able to use azureus without issue since I did the following: - Uninstalled Little Snitch 2 - Try disabling IPv6 in your Airport System Preferences - In Azureus preferences, expand Connection -> Advanced Networking Settings, and make sure “Prefer IPv6 addresses when both are avail” and “Enable experimental extension…” are UNTICKED.
  • Bwoodwar said: Thanks for help LCO and Marshall! At least there's some people here who found a solution instead of griping about Leopard. Don't ever say that Leopard is even remotely as bad Vista. This the only problem I've had yet with the new OS. And downgrading back to Tiger just to use a bittorrent client is just a bit to extreme IMHO.
  • lft said: thx
  • petr said: That seemed to solve the Azureus crash. Thanx a lot.
  • dan said: what else is does this fix affect? I'm sure ipv6 is supposed to have some beneficial effect that i would be giving up by disabling it. Anyone know?
  • scott said: well i did this and it worked for a while but mine still crashed, so i don't think this is an actual fix...
  • your said: @Dan: Until now there is no benefit in enabling IPv6 until your ISP supports that. For consumer users there is currently no use.
  • vegas-ohno said: LCO - Thanks for the suggestion, but I didn't work for me. I'm still getting the "gray-restart" screen running Azureus. I switched to Transmission and it also has problems like spinning ball and eventual frozen machine. I even tried Tomato, but what a horrid BT client. I guess it's just a waiting game now.
  • J-man said: Once again, KP's all the time when using vuze with leopard
  • Joost uit Nederland said: Thanks for fixing this for me people! I just got my expensive spanking new Macbook Pro fleeing from Vista and was quite disgusted to find out that the 3000$ laptop was crashing every 5 minutes. The whole thing crashed one more time after applying the changes mentioned (disabling IP6) and from then Azureus just worked. Thanks again.
  • PsyWalker said: Updating the Azureus .jar-files fixes the KernelPanic issue: http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/ChangeTheAzureusTwoJarFile Check it out.
  • Same problem said: I agree with vegas-ohno, I get the same problem (Azureus or Transmission) with a Core 2 Duo (2G) MacBook Pro
  • Deane said: Quick Fix? It's an Airport/Java issue, apparently. Plug in using your ethernet, and turn airport off while running Azureus, and you should be good too.
  • till said: I don't run Azureus and my Leopard crashed twice today. I read that you have to disable IPv6 on your Airport (System > Network > Airport > Advanced > TCP/IP) which hopefully fixes it. We'll see I guess.
  • Joe said: Deane is quite correct (#39). Still, it's a pest when you don't want to stretch a cable across the room. My Macbook (std) suffers from the same athereos airport / azureus,vuze screen-of-death-is-imminent-so-quickly-save-your-work-and-open-webpages-potentially-reboot-before-it's-too-late. Sucks.
  • Joe said: And don't get me wrong - Leopard rules.
  • Syd said: I followed Psywalker's link and it resolved this issue so far for me. However, since the update, I'm having some GUI display issue with azureus. But at least I can leave airport ON during all night with azureus running and I don't have a crash in the morning...
  • Todd said: apple just released a 10.5.2 update http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=307109
  • Reano said: I am runnin 10.5.2 on a Santa Rosa Macbook Pro. I never had any kernel panic crashes, but as soon as I start Azureus my internet connection dies. My Airport is not found thru Airport Utility and even my eMac (which doesn´t have wifi) cannot connect to the internet. The only fix is to restart Airtport Extreme base. I will try some tips above, but would be really good to have a fix for that.
  • Steph said: Using new imac dual 2.8 and ox 10.5.2. It used to crash after starting dowloading w/ azureus.. Use to have to restart router and airport. Used the link for the azureus 2. jar file to replace. IPv6 is enabled (automatic) and everything is running smoothly . Even w/ my girlfriend using her mac book on the same network (wi-fi as well) Thank you guys for your help. Especially Psy Walker.
  • charles wren said: Hello, My G5 with Tiger worked perfectly for years. I saw an ad for the Leopard Upgrade, installed it on my computer and the computer began crashing every 12 - 15 minutes which it had never done before. Also I got a huge surprise - none of my Adobe software is now working. So I called apple and they recommended the following: Add RAM Add a New Hard drive New Video Card New Adobe Software Upgrade from FCP 4.5 to FCP Studio 2 Do a clean install on the new hard drive, then install all new software. So here I am $3,000 dollars later and my mac is basically useless. This Leopard 10.5.2 is crashing every 10 minutes. There is an apparent conflict between flash/fcp/quicktime and leopard. You know that commercial running on American Idol - where the Vista users are doing yoga and pulling their hair out? Mac is lucky that ad company sold them that ad before they sold it to Vista, because that ad well defines my leopard experience. Of course if you call the apple they will tell you "its your hardware" "Leopard has been the smoothest rollout in computer history!" etc. What they cant explain however is why ppl who gave up on leopard who reinstalled tiger, cease to have a problem. Hmmm.... Perhaps the real reason Apple skipped NAB this year ---after having a HUGE presence there every year for the past decade-- is so they did not have to deal with ppl demanding a fix for this so called upgrade. If I were Steve Jobs I'd run for cover too!! Before purchasing this software please google the phrase "How Can I Fix Leopard?" and/or "Leopard Crash" and see the 150+ blogs devoted to this very topic. If your mac and software are running OK do yourself a major favor and pass on this product. And no, I don't work for any PC company.
  • Kaz said: Yep the same problem, but I had had a power source in my old one that blew so after 3 months this started happening I took it to a cute litle shop and let some cute kids Who I assumed were qualified, fix it, over another few months the shop owner took over and has replaced every part bar the cpu and a stick of RAM, I put Azureus back on yesterday and crashing again.
  • Spiky said: Get rid of IPv6, the root of all problems. Disable in system prefs & Azureus network settings.

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