Installing Mephisto on DreamHost

19 Aug 2006

I’ve tried out Typo for a while and it’s pretty nice but I’m hearing raves about Mephisto. I’m sheep-like enough to always follow coding trends so I can’t see any way out of trying Mephisto on for size.

The first thing that I saw on the installation instructions was that it doesn’t ship with all the required parts. You’ve got to check out Rails to the vendor directory (easy enough) and add at least one gem.

Adding the TZinfo (‘time-zone info’) gem proved a pain so I just downloaded it from it’s rubyforge project and throw it into my vendor directory

cd rails_app/vendor
tar xvzf tzinfo-0.3.0.tar.gz
rm tzinfo-0.3.0.tar.gz

A little migration, replacing the default .htaccess and dispatch.fcgi files with my customized ones, some short prayers that this process goes quickly and I don’t screw away my whole day on something I didn’t even plan to do, and it’s all done. Except that it’s not.

I’m not sure if this is the new cool thing to do or if it’s just a bad choice supported for legacy reasons, but you can’t use migrations on a fresh mephisto database. You’ve got to type rake db:bootstrap and it creates the tables and throws some default values in there. I’d prefer migrations, but whatever. At least it got done.

My first impressions are good, we’ll see how it goes finding a good theme.

  • Labrat said: Thanks for this. I almost gave up until I saw your article. Looks like I was closer than I thought. I wrote yet another guide mainly as a note to myself. If it works on Dreamhost, I'm sure more people will flock to Mephisto. I'm still holding back from making the full jump though.
  • Nick said: Thanks for the help. I ended up not going this route but considered it while trying to figure this stuff out. I had a rough time trying to get mephisto up with dreamhost so I posted my first blog with some info. Hope it might help someone that is also trying to figure it out.

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