Holy Moly.

23 Dec 2006
AFter MONTHS of downtime Hoopla is now back up and going. The reason for the inactivity is shared between: - getting married and taking a month off - starting several new contracts at once and being very busy - Typo getting hammered by spam and taking itself down. I'm back now and I've got Mephisto to thank for that. It's come a LONG way in a short time (Rick, you're awesome) and it can take the beating that my Typo installation just couldn't endure.
  • labrat said: Welcome to the Meph world. It's still got a long way to go before it reaches the level of MovableType or WordPress but it's amazing how close it comes out of the mind of Rick and Justin in mere months. Still remember how I used your article to get it installed a while back only to switch back to Typo, like you.

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