First post from my moto q

07 Jun 2006

I played around a bit today with the software that ships with Windows Mobile 5 - and a lot of it is crap. The ‘tasks’ app that helps you keep track of todos isnt even as good as Rail’s ‘scaffold’ interface. The calendar app is basically useless (it doesn’t seem to sync up with any other calender) and it doesn’t have anything for reading rss.

All that though is mitigated by my understanding that this is a new OS and it’ll take a while for many good programs to show up - and by the competency of Mobile IE and Windows Media Player 10. I can watch streaming video - that’s awesome. Equally awesome is IE’s understanding of complicated session and history management. Case in point: I wrote this whole post in the standard Typo admin section entirely from my moto q.

Please if you found this post helpful or have questions.