... And we're back

06 Jul 2007

Ahoy again folks! Sorry about the downtime there. I didn’t think anybody would care until I saw this post and decided I should get on it.

Recent developments in Danger-town:

  • Joined a startup last February
  • Saw that startup implode before my very eyes (imagine a bad business plan combined with no communication with a little crankiness just to make it all interesting)
  • Joined another startup on May 1st that is the polar opposite of the last. We’re going places - fast.
  • Due to the going-places-fast-ness of my current company there’s been no time for blogging (or fixing blogs).
  • There’s been plenty of time for working outdoors though.
  • Ryan B said: Yay! Welcome back Danger! :)
  • Ben said: Glad your back in the saddle. I'm still trying to get on my feet too.

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