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30 Dec 2007

Last September Ryan Bates, Kelli Shaver and I took 3rd place in the Rails Rumble with Admiteer.

Now that we’ve raked in our massive cash prizes, bought some yachts and sports cars and all three of us retired to a tropical island we’re open sourcing our app under the MIT license.

There’s been a number of folks interested in building off of what we started. It’s a great beginning for any event-oriented application and it’s extremely easy to modify. What we’re posting is precisely what we submitted to the contest. No improvements, no corrections.

Enjoy: Admiteer via SVN

  • Dr Nic said: ooh ooh ooh - can I visit the island?
  • Gregg said: Jack, Ryan and Kelli.. You guys did an amazing job with all of this. Thank you!
  • Ryan Bates said: Thanks for posting this Jack! For those who may want to use this as an example for OpenID authentication, I should add that there is a problem. It is possible to register with an OpenID URL which doesn't have the "http://" prefix. You will then be unable to login. To fix this you could add a before_save callback to User to ensure the OpenID URL has the http protocol and add it if it doesn't.
  • Kelli said: You must have read my mind. I was thinking about this just the other day. :) Thanks, Jack!

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