10 Sep 2007

After 49 hours of coding it's all done. The RailsRumble entry by Ryan Bates, Kelli Shaver and myself is live and kicking. Admiteer lets you plan any event and sell tickets to it via paypal:

A short list of Admiteer's features:

  • Allows ticket sales sent directly to you via Paypal
  • Tracks all the tickets you've bought or sold
  • Print off your tickets as a PDF
  • Parses and integrates nearly any Flickr page's photos
  • Provides a widget for publishing news from your event on any website
  • Provides a map (thanks Google) for getting directions to any event with an address
  • Allows you to sell free tickets and track them just like paid tickets
  • Offers RSS feeds for upcoming events and for individual events
  • No fees!

Voting starts Wednesday. Stop by RailsRumble to check out all the amazing two-day applications.

  • Dr Nic said: Awesome effort guys! Very sexy end result.
  • Daniel Fischer said: Wow, nice - I love the features. Out of pure honesty though, the presentational layer could use some spice. :)
  • Jack Danger said: I hear ya Daniel :-) We had one piece of bad CSS make it's way in at the last second. Luckily we get to fix 20 lines of code and that was the first thing we tackled. It'd be helpful actually if you could check the site out again and suggest any changes before 9pm Eastern tonight.
  • Trevor Turk said: Really nice! It was my favorite entry :)

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